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Foundations in Crystal Lake, IL

Foundations in Crystal Lake, IL: Poured Concrete or Cinder Blocks?

Foundations in Crystal Lake IL Poured Concrete or Cinder Blocks 300x300 Foundations in Crystal Lake, IL
The foundation is the most important part of your home. It may not be the part that people notice the most – in fact, there is a good chance that none of your guests will say a single word about it – but it is crucial to the way that everything else looks and functions. It gives your home strength and stability. A home with a good foundation is one that is going to last for years without the need for much work. When you hire a concrete contractor to build this foundation for you, you are going to face one question that could impact the rest of the job: Should you use cinder blocks or poured stone?

Often, people who choose cinder blocks do so because they like that they do not have to wait for them to dry. They are pre-cast, so they work right away. At the same time, they are easy to install. You do not have to build so many boxes and support structures to hold them, as you do with poured stone, which has to be contained until it dries. This seems faster and easier, so they just have the concrete contractor in Crystal Lake, Illinois, pour them some cinder blocks and they start in on the job.

What they find out very quickly, though, is that working with a concrete contractor who uses poured stone is usually the best choice. You still have to wait for the mortar between the cinder blocks to dry, so you are not saving that much time. On top of that, laying cinder blocks takes an incredible amount of physical labor. The job is actually going to take longer and require more work than just pouring stone in the same place, which can drive the price up.

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Insulated Concrete Floor in Crystal Lake, Illinois

The Benefits of an Insulated Concrete Floor in Crystal Lake, Illinois

insulated concrete 300x300 Insulated Concrete Floor in Crystal Lake, Illinois

Have you ever woke up on a cold Crystal Lake, Illinois, winter morning, dreading stepping onto the concrete of your bathroom floor due to its cold temperature? Have you ever turned your air conditioner on full-blast only to be mildly comforted from the heat of the summer sun? If you are having trouble keeping the temperature of your house regulated, you may want to consider hiring a concrete contractor to install insulated concrete floors in your Crystal Lake, Illinois, home.

We all know that walls and ceilings need to be properly insulated before the construction of a home. What most people do not realize is that by insulating the concrete floor of your home with plywood, you can cut down on your heating and cooling costs and maintain a much more comfortable climate in your home.

While it may seem like a fun, do-it-yourself project, in order to get the best quality of insulated concrete in Crystal Lake, Illinois, you are going to need to hire a professional concrete contractor. Your contractor will not only perform professionally, but they will follow all safety protocols so you can enjoy your home during the installation process. By using the highest quality concrete mixes, best insulation materials and measuring every square inch of your new proposed floor, your concrete contractor will save you money and make your home a more sustainable environment for years to come.

By hiring a concrete contractor to install concrete floors, you also get a full list of other benefits for your home including increased indoor air quality, easy installation of radiant heating fixtures, better acoustics and noise protection, and increased fire protection. Contact your local concrete contractor today to see how they can help turn your home into a more comfortable living space.

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Benefits of Fly Ash Concrete in Crystal Lake IL

Are There Benefits to Using Fly Ash Concrete in Crystal Lake IL?

fly ash concrete 300x300 Benefits of Fly Ash Concrete in Crystal Lake IL

Fly ash is what remains after energy is produced by burning coal. It was originally waste material and simply discarded. It is now used in concrete as an additive and is no longer discarded in landfills. Fly ash is quite similar to portland cement, which is one of the materials used in concrete. There are some benefits of using fly ash in concrete and you can find out more below.

Cost Savings

When Crystal Lake, Illinois, concrete contractors use fly ash, it saves their customers money. Opponents of fly ash believe that it does not have the strength of bag mix. This is what contractors refer to when ordering a cubic yard of concrete with a specific number of pages of portland cement in it. When ordering fly ash, it is called a performance mix. Part of the portland cement is replaced with fly ash. It might take longer for the fly ash mix to achieve its strength, however, the fly ash will end up stronger.

Easier to Work With

Fly ash is easier to work with than portland cement. It has less water and does not bleed as much as portland cement. This also means that less water will get into the concrete. In very wet climates where temperature extremes are an issue, this makes fly ash a good choice.

Slower Set Times

Fly ash takes longer to set than portland cement. If used in hot weather, this can be a huge advantage as the contractor will be able to have longer to perform the finishing of the concrete. It is also a benefit when stamping. However, fly ash has a beige tone instead of the regular gray tone, so it can affect the color charts. This should be kept in mind when using fly ash for decorative concrete projects.

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