Common Concrete Repairs in Naperville, IL

common concrete repairs 325 x 325 300x300 Common Concrete Repairs in Naperville, IL

A concrete contractor does not always have to work on new concrete projects; he is also fully capable of repairing concrete that has already been laid down. In some cases, repair work is preferable to replacement because it can cost much less. It all depends on what the concrete slab needs. For example, if the slab under your home cracks, you may want to patch it since replacement work is so difficult and time-consuming now that your home has been constructed. If your driveway cracks, though, replacement will be easy if you have already patched it many times. On the other hand, though, the slab holding up your home is of extreme importance, so you may want to pay extra to replace it. You have to weigh these sorts of decisions to find the best solution.

Overuse or Neglect

One of the most common reasons that a concrete contractor in Naperville, Illinois, has to make these repairs is that a space has been overused or neglected. This is often the case with parking lots, for instance. Hundreds or even thousands of cars may use the space every day of the year. This is going to lead to deterioration and cracking. Store owners are often preoccupied with the store itself, so they neglect to patch the space before large cracks have appeared.


With residential homes, many jobs for a concrete contractor are just created by settling, which is the process of a structure sinking into the ground. A home will usually settle a few inches after it is built, even if steps are taken to avoid this. When it does, it may not settle evenly. This can cause the foundation to crack since part of it will be lower than another part, and all of the weight of the home will be pushing down on it.

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